Preserveé is a brand for shoe care products that was founded in 2013.
The name Preservée is taken from the word preserve, which means, 1 To maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm; to protect. 2 To keep in perfect or unaltered conditon; Maintain unchanged. These two meaning of the word preserve is the main mission of Preserveé, Keep it FOREVER PERFECT.

Seeing the needs to preserve all the valuable shoe collections, Preserveé offers a range of shoe care products not only to protect but also renew the broken and damaged ones. Preserveé is commited to give the best products and services, also makes all the unavoidable harms of the shoes become possible to be avoided.

Why would I need Preservée

Preservée can protect your designer shoes' soles from damages, debris, wear and tear. We believe that a protection is needed for those precious shoes that had served you, with just a small yet smart investment, you can keep their beauty sole forever perfect. This product can protect any flat surface, including a painted sole, leather sole, suede sole, wooden sole, as long as it is flat. The product itself was not designed to be applied on a studded or uneven sole platform (such as Tod's shoes).